Privacy Policy

The website is owned by IRUSKART. The products sold through this website are checked for quality and assurance. The privacy policy mentioned below governs the use of this website and the products made available by this domain and rest of the subdomains of the website.

By visiting this website, buying products from this website or availing services from this website, you confirm to agree to the terms & privacy policy mentioned below. Kindly note that the privacy policy can be amended from time to time, therefore, we recommend you to keep yourself updated with this page. Information regarding any update in the privacy policy will be communicated to the via the page update.

  1. The privacy policy is added to this page to govern the general usage of the website.
  2. The Government of India laws govern the rules mentioned here. Hence, this website is intended for the usage of Indian Residents.
  3. The privacy policy is purposed at updating you about your personal information collected and used by the website and its subsidiaries for various uses.
  4. The policy governs the company’s right to gather, store and use the information you provide (your data including name, mobile no, address etc.). The rules apply the same for the data you share on the sub domains of the website.
  5. However, the company is neither liable nor answerable for the data you share on third party website (which you may or may not be directed to, while surfing our website.)
  6. Your act of providing your personal information on the website confirms your consent for the website to use your information in order to serve you better.
  7. All the information you provide to the website is stored as user’s personal information.
  8. This information may include user’s name, email address, billing address, security number, credit or debit card information, baking information, mobile or landline phone numbers or other personal information.
  9. The company may also conduct various surveys from time to time on the website. These surveys might not be mandatory to fill. But, users can always fill them up voluntarily for us to serve you better.
  10. No confidential information is ever asked by the website, neither for shipping nor surveys. Therefore, kindly do not share your banking information, financial secrets or any other particulars, which might lead you to phishing or cyber theft against you.
  11. A basic survey will mainly ask your name, age, gender, marital status, phone number etc. for us to serve you better.
  12. The information that you share with us is kept confidential and we do not sell it to third party. However, we share your contact and shipping address to our courier partners to send you the product in time.
  13. Kindly note the company collects personal information provide by you during your visit to the website or when you navigate to the third party website through company’s website.
  14. Personal information such as name, email address, billing address, telephone numbers, DOB etc. is also collected by the company through online contests, prize distribution forms, customer support, subscription newsletter and contact forms etc.
  15. The company sends you emails, newsletters, and information pages on your registered email id, if you have subscribed for the same. You can always unsubscribe to these emails by following the link given in the mail body itself.
  16. However, company sends you emails related to order confirmation and shipping information, they cannot be unsubscribed.
  17. ou may receive the offers and discount information about our brand from third party websites. The company is not responsible for information you provide on these platforms.
  18. The personal information you provide to us can be changed at any given point of time. The company uses this information to send you promotional information via email, telephonic communication and SMS etc.
  19. Kindly note: The company does not collect any information provided by the members below the age of 18. Any of such database is deleted from our website.
  20. IP address of your computer is automatically tracked as soon as you land on our website. This helps the company understand your buying preference based on your demographics, geography and more.
  21. Kindly note: The information provided by you is saved in our database and analyzed from time to time in order to bend our marketing strategies.


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Cookies assist in tracking the location of the users and contributes to an improved website usage experience. Cookies are able to recognize repeat visitors and also have the ability to configure the website for particular users as per their user experience.

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Web Beacons:

Web beacons can be understood as special kinds of programming codes, which enable you to see images on he website. Beacons also help transfer unique identification of the user to the website’s database. Through which, we can track your website surfing behavior. This helps us recognize repeat visitors and understand their buying habits, preferences and more to help us serve them better.